Tuesday, May 21
Empowering adolescents: Leh's Health Department takes proactive steps against addiction

Empowering adolescents: Leh’s Health Department takes proactive steps against addiction


Leh: The Health Department, conducted a School Health Programme under NTCP and School awareness Programme under Mental health at BOYS Higher Secondary School in Leh, with a focused mission on combatting addiction among adolescents.

Dr. Farhana Iqbal, District Health Officer, emphasized the program’s pivotal role in equipping adolescents with resilience and confidence by raising awareness about substance abuse and mental health.

During the session, Psychiatrist & Drug De-Addiction Specialist from SNM Hospital Leh, Dr. Tashi Tundup, shed light on the prevalence and dangers of addiction, stressing the collective responsibility of society in addressing this pressing issue.

The comprehensive program addressed the root causes of addiction, focusing on educating students about the dangers of substance abuse, particularly highlighting the role of social media in fostering curiosity and peer pressure among teenagers.

Psychologist Phunstok Diskit led an enlightening session aimed at educating adolescents on the health risks associated with tobacco use and equipping them with practical strategies for prevention and cessation.

The program encompassed education, counseling, and practical interventions, including mobile counseling services and medical support.

Dr. Stanzin Jamyang, District Consultant NTCP, highlighted the importance of NTCP’s school program and provided guidance on the proper usage of nicotine gum as a cessation aid. He emphasized the need for medical supervision.

Furthermore, Dr. Jamyang addressed withdrawal symptoms and alternatives to pharmacotherapy, emphasizing the role of support during the initial days of cessation and recommending alternative strategies such as deep breathing and physical activity.

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