Monday, December 4
EC Zakir visits Govt Primary School Yokma Akchamal to review facilities

EC Zakir visits Govt Primary School Yokma Akchamal to review facilities


KARGIL: Executive Councillor of the Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council (LAHDC), Kargil for Education Zakir Hussain Friday visited Government Primary School Yokma Akchamal to review the education facilities and infrastructure.

The visit aimed to assess the current state of the school, focusing on essential aspects such as water supply, sanitation, building infrastructure, student enrollment, teacher shortages, and the impact of recent teacher detachments.

During the visit, the Executive Councillor expressed concern over the prevailing conditions at the school, emphasizing the importance of quality education and the need for adequate resources. He noted that the school faced various challenges that were affecting the overall learning environment.

The Executive Councillor observed that the school lacked a reliable water supply, which is crucial for maintaining a clean and hygienic environment for both students and staff. He raised the concern about the state of sanitation facilities within the school premises.

The Executive Councillor highlighted the urgency of improving the physical infrastructure to create a conducive learning environment.

He also reviewed the current student enrollment figures and identified the need to increase in rolls and promote education in the area.

One of the significant challenges discussed was the shortage of teachers, which has been exacerbated by recent teacher detachments.

Furthermore, he assured the villagers to address all the issues with relevant authorities and stakeholders to address these concerns and ensured that the Government Primary School Yokma Akchamal receive the necessary support and resources to enhance quality education for the students. He also emphasized the need for swift action to address the issues identified during the review.

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