Friday, December 8
EC Zakir Hussain visits government schools in Parkachik

EC Zakir Hussain visits government schools in Parkachik


Kargil: Executive Councillor, Education, LAHDC, Kargil, Zakir Hussain the other day visited several government schools of Parkachik and inspected their functioning.

The visit was aimed to assess and enhance the educational landscape within the constituency, emphasizing a commitment to quality education for all.

The EC was accompanied by Chief Education Officer, Kargil, Mushtaq Ahmad, Councilor Parkachick, Aga Ainul Huda, ZEO Taisuru and other concerned officers and officials.

The visit encompassed a series of inspections at educational institutions, affirming the dedication of the council to elevate the standard of education.

The schools covered during this tour included Govt. Middle School Goma Parkachik, Primary School Yokma Parkachik, Middle School Barkdok Parkachik, Govt. Middle School Farool Parkachik, Govt. High School Parkachik, Govt. Primary School Chokjuk Parkachik, Council Model School Achambore, Govt. Middle School Kochik, Govt. Middle School Pursa, Govt. Middle School Namsuru and Govt. Middle School Khawos.

At GMS Goma Parkachik, the residents voiced their concerns and presented a memorandum of demands which included the need of additional staff, subject-specific teachers, a submersible pump for the school, and conversion of the school to Model School.

While responding to the concerns, the Executive Councilor assured them that their genuine demands will be followed up and immediately resolved as per the norms.

Similarly, the visit to Govt. Primary School Yokma Parkachik revealed a pressing need for additional teaching staff, subject-specific teachers and access to electricity.

At GHS Parkachik, the EC inaugurated teacher quarter. The school administration and the PRI members put forth demand for upgradtion of High School to Higher Secondary School, additional staff, subject-specific teachers, construction of irrigation channel for the irrigation purpose of crops, upgradation of the dispensary.

While replying the demands, EC assured them the genuine demands will be followed up and fulfilled in the course of time as per the norms.

The other schools visited witnessed appeals for enhanced infrastructure, playgrounds, access to electricity, heating, toilet, drinking water facilities, enhancement of the staff, etc.

While responding to the concerns, the Executive Councilor assured them that the genuine demands will be fulfilled in due course of time.

The EC emphasized that under the leadership of Chairman/CEC, LAHDC, Kargil, Dr Mohd Jaffer Akhoon, the LAHDC is committed to providing quality education in the district.

He assured that all matters will be resolved in a phased manner, while other demands will be considered for inclusion in the financial plan for the year 2024-25. He reassured the full support of the council in this endeavor.

The EC also stressed for healthy teacher-student-parent relationships for enhanced educational outcomes.

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