Monday, February 26
EC Feroz launches 5-minute promotional video of District Water Sanitation Committee Kargil

EC Feroz launches 5-minute promotional video of District Water Sanitation Committee Kargil


Kargil: Executive Councillor PHE and I&FC, LAHDC, Kargil Kacho Mohd Feroz Tuesday launched a 5-minute promotional video of the District Water Sanitation Committee Kargil to aware people about the maintenance and functioning of JJM water supply during winter season.

During the launch of promotional video Chief Engineer PHE and I&FC Mabool Husain, Executive Engineer, Mohd Hassan Lone, besides engineers of PHE and I&FC were present.

The EC commended the entire team for their efforts in creating the promotional video. He emphasized that the video will raise awareness among people about different methods to ensure the functionality of water pipelines during the winter season.

He directed the relevant officials to disseminate the video across all social media platforms to ensure that a large number of people gain proper knowledge about it.

The EC urged the officials of PHE and I&FC to create additional promotional videos, taking into consideration the on-the-ground issues faced by the people.

He further suggested that certain videos should address the resolution of disputes at various village and Mohallah levels. This approach aims to help people recognize their responsibilities and foster a sense of ownership of the scheme.

EC Feroz also suggested the officials of PHE and I&FC to stay updated on the stock of pipes and various other materials in advance to meet public demand without any disruptions. He emphasized that during the winter season, demands for pipes arise from various quarters of the district.

The EC also emphasized the need for coordination between officials and ground-level workers to monitor daily progress and address issues faced by people at the grassroots level.

He requested the Chief Engineer to particularly focus on far-flung areas such as Drass, Taisuru and Zanskar to prevent any potential mishaps during the winter season.

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