Monday, March 27
District Hospital Kargil lacks healthcare equipments, infra

District Hospital Kargil lacks healthcare equipments, infra


Kargil: Although being the only biggest healthcare facility in the entire district, the dearth of health infrastructure like non availability of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scan, out of order Computed Tomography (CT) scan in District Hospital here is pushing the patients to serious milieu.

For years altogether, the people of Kargil have been demanding adequate healthcare facilities in district hospital but let down by the successive and the Union Territory governments.

As per the reports, the CT scan in District Hospital Kargil is out of order for last 10 days due to which the patients are suffering. The patients and attendants while criticizing the institute and the district administration asserted that ‘Building is really beautiful but working CT, MRI Scan and other urgent infrastructure would have added to its colour and fragrance’.

There was hue and cry when the hospital building was inaugurated but today the entire district is without an additional CT Scan and a MRI machine, reports said.

“Kargil hospital is the biggest health facility in the district. The hospital, which treats patients of trauma as well as those injured in accidents, does not have MRI facility despite of demands for last several years,” a resident Sajjad Kargili took onto Twitter to highlight the issue.

Another resident said that the said hospital is in dire need of infrastructure, and a Sarai for the patients coming from far flung areas.

“We have multiple times appealed the concerned authorities, but no action was taken in any regard,” he lamented.
The patients visiting the DH are forced to go Leh, sometimes outside the UT for treatment where they are stranded for weeks since official apathy.

Apart from the DH, adding to the miseries of the people, the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Kargil couple of days back stated that registrations of all the old clinical establishments in the district have expired, since not adhering to the guidelines of Clinical Establishment Act 2010 adopted by UT Ladakh.

The residents requested the Lt Governor BD Mishra led administration to arrange an additional CT scan and MRI Machine for district hospital.


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