Tuesday, April 23
Disaster Management Training Program concludes at Koyul, Sakti

Disaster Management Training Program concludes at Koyul, Sakti


KOYUL: Union Territory Disaster Response Forced (UTDRF) unit Leh organized a comprehensive Disaster Management Training Program in collaboration with local authorities Wednesday.

The program was aimed to empower individuals residing in disaster-prone areas with essential knowledge and skills to effectively mitigate and respond to emergencies.

The training sessions conducted at Panchayat Halqas Koyul and Sakti-A focused on equipping participants with valuable insights on disaster preparedness and response strategies.

Attendees were educated on the importance of taking proactive measures in safeguarding lives and property during disaster situations.

One of the key highlights of the program was the distribution of state-of-the-art rescue equipment to the participants. These specialized tools and resources are instrumental in ensuring swift and efficient rescue operations, thus maximizing the chances of saving lives and minimizing damages in the face of adversity.

By providing hands-on training and access to vital rescue equipment, the Disaster Management Training Program aims to empower individuals to become proactive agents of change within their communities.

Through their newfound skills and knowledge, participants are better equipped to respond effectively to emergencies, thereby strengthening the overall resilience of the region.

They extended their sincere gratitude to the UTDRF unit Leh and the local authorities for their unwavering support in making this program a resounding success. The collaboration between government bodies, disaster response teams, and community members is crucial in building a safer and more resilient society.

The team encouraged all individuals residing in disaster-prone areas to actively engage in such training programs and utilize the rescue equipment provided. Together, we can create a community that stands prepared and united in the face of any future challenges.

Disaster management is a collective effort, and each one of us has a role to play. We have to work hand in hand to mitigate risks, save lives, and protect our beloved community.

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