Friday, December 8
DC Santosh checks live performance of Quick Deployable Antennas

DC Santosh checks live performance of Quick Deployable Antennas


Leh: Deputy Commissioner, Leh, Santosh Sukhdeve checked the live performance of Quick Deployment Antennas (QDAs) at the DC office Wednesday.

These QDAs serve as crucial communication links via satellite connectivity, particularly in challenging terrains during natural disasters when conventional communication channels become unreliable.

Engineers present at the demonstration established WiFi connections through the QDA transponder settings while ensuring the antennas were accurately positioned.

A notable feature of these QDAs is their compatibility with inverters and battery backups, ensuring communication and power continuity even in the event of a complete infrastructure collapse during natural disasters.

Currently, UT Ladakh possesses four QDAs, with two located at Emergency Operation Centers (EOCs) and the other two situated at the district headquarters of Leh and Kargil.

Further, it was informed that these QDAs play a crucial role in facilitating the dissemination of vital information during cloudbursts, earthquakes, floods, and other disasters, ensuring swift and effective responses.


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