Tuesday, May 28
Councillor Stanzin visits several areas to promote sustainable animal husbandry practices

Councillor Stanzin visits several areas to promote sustainable animal husbandry practices


Leh: To enhance the well-being of livestock rearers and promote sustainable animal husbandry practices, Councillor Chushul, Konchok Stanzin, undertook a two-day tour accompanied by officials from the BO Durbuk SHD and village representatives.

The team visited areas, including Kargyam, Chushul Maan, Pangong A & B, to engage with the local communities and address their concerns.

One of the significant highlights of the tour was the distribution of subsidized pelleted feed, with a staggering 75% subsidy, among the livestock rearers across various villages in the Chushul constituency.

It was informed that this initiative aims to combat nutritional deficiencies and improve Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR) values in sheep and goats during lean periods, ensuring better health and productivity.

Awareness was also given among the livestock rearers about the ongoing initiatives by UT Administration and Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council, Leh. The focus was on increasing the sheep and goat population in the Changthang region.

Among the key measures discussed were the distribution of kidding pens and milk replacer powder packets. These efforts target the reduction of mortalities among kids and lambs, addressing issues related to hypothermia and starvation.

Livestock rearers were urged to adopt these practices for the well-being of their animals, with a specific emphasis on pregnant animals.

Furthermore, various departmental schemes were introduced, including the Kisan Credit Card (KCC) and the National Livestock Mission (NLM). The establishment of subsidized sheep and goat units, along with Mini farms, was proposed as a part of the broader strategy to revive and strengthen the livestock sector in the region.

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