Monday, February 26
Community driven initiative of cleanliness, potholes filling drive held

Community driven initiative of cleanliness, potholes filling drive held


KARGIL: The JAWANAN-E-ZGANG Pashkum successfully conducted a community-driven initiative of a Cleanliness and Potholes Filling cum Road Repair Drive from Larsee Masjid Pashkum to Imam Bargah, Adda Zgang Pashkum the other day.

The initiative, conducted saw an enthusiastic participation from community members, whose collective efforts contributed to the drive’s success. JAWANAN-E-ZGANG Pashkum extended thier heartfelt thanks to each and every individual who joined the initiative, as well as the owners who generously provided their vehicles for water supply and sands to fill the potholes.

A special acknowledgment goes to the women of Zgang Pashkum for their significant contributions to the cleanliness aspect, playing a vital role in making the drive a triumph.

Recognizing the Hadith of Prophet Muhammad (S A.W), “Cleanliness is considered half of faith”, conducting such a drive is indeed a notable achievement for our community.

The organisers also extended gratitude to those who arranged light refreshments for the dedicated volunteers and appreciation for their hard work. We hope such acts of kindness will continue in the future.

At the end, again they requested everyone who has placed materials like sand, wood, etc., along the roadside to clear the space, ensuring smooth traffic flow.

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