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Chiktan Community Unites: Annual Traditional Archery Tournament Triumphs with distinguished support

Chiktan Community Unites: Annual Traditional Archery Tournament Triumphs with distinguished support


Chiktan: The picturesque town of Chiktan in Kargil Ladakh recently witnessed a spectacular display of skill, tradition, and community spirit during the successful conclusion of the 2024 Annual Traditional Archery Tournament.

Organized by Venus Chiktan, the event unfolded from February 27th to March 1st, showcasing the vibrant cultural heritage of the region.

Participation was fervent as all Mohallas of Chiktan actively engaged in the traditional archery competition. The results showcased remarkable achievements:

Mohalla Khardun Secured the 1st position, demonstrating exceptional prowess in traditional archery, while as Mohalla Hassanabad Achieved the 2nd position, displaying commendable skill and determination.

Mohalla Zgang, Earned the 3rd position, showcasing a strong commitment to preserving cultural heritage and Mohalla Kukarchay, Attained the 4th position, contributing to the competitive spirit of the tournament.

The event was graced by Sub Divisional Magistrate Shakar Chiktan, Abdul Gaffar Zargar, who lauded the efforts of Venus Chiktan in organizing the tournament.

As a notable commitment to the cultural preservation efforts, Zargar announced the inclusion of the Annual Traditional Archery Tournament in the Union Territory Tourism Calendar. This strategic move aims to bring wider recognition to Chiktan as a destination for traditional sports enthusiasts.

Councillor Chiktan, Liyaqat Ali Khan, added to the prestige of the event as the Guest of Honour. In a gesture of encouragement and support, Councillor Liyaqat Ali Khan presented a substantial cash contribution of Rs 35,000 to the villagers, underlining the commitment to the welfare and prosperity of the local population.

Acknowledging the significance of preserving cultural heritage, Abdul Gaffar Zargar presented a substantial cash support of Rs 50,000, further amplifying the impact and scale of future editions of the tournament.

Councillor Liyaqat Ali Khan’s contribution of Rs 35,000 to the villagers aligns with the commitment to community well-being.

The success of the 2024 Annual Traditional Archery Tournament extends beyond sporting achievements.

It serves as a beacon of unity, bringing together residents, authorities, and organizers in a shared commitment to celebrate and preserve the rich cultural traditions of Chiktan.

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