Sunday, February 25
CEC attends finale of MG Sports Association Tambis Archery Tournament

CEC attends finale of Tambis Archery Tournament


KARGIL: Chairman/CEC, LAHDC, Kargil Dr. Mohd Jaffer Akhoon Tuesday attended the closing ceremony of the Archery Tournament organised by MG Sports Association Tambis.

Councillor, Tambis Syed Ali Moosavi was present as a guest of honour during the event. CEC Akhoon extended his heartfelt congratulations to the participants, emphasizing the role of sports in both mental and physical well-being, paralleling its significance to education.

He encouraged the youth to embrace skills in archery and other sports, promoting a healthier lifestyle.
Responding to the villagers’ memorandum, CEC Akhoon assured to develop an outstanding ice hockey rink in Tambis and assured a thorough evaluation of the middle school’s potential for upgrading. Other community demands, including the enhancement of the indoor stadium, were acknowledged with a commitment to address the concerns.

CEC Dr Jaffer urged them to join other ice hockey associations, enhancing collaboration and opportunities. He said the council will propose various sports equipment under the capex budget and expressed his gratitude to MG Sports Association for the invitation.

As the final match unfolded, Super 10 Winner MG Tambis triumphed over Runner United Archer Trespon, while the Super 6 Winner MG Tambis outshone Runner Friend Sankoo.

CEC Akhoon concluded by commending the winners, runners-up, and all participants for contributing sportsmanship.

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