Tuesday, May 21
Capacity-building workshop held for journalists in Leh

Capacity-building workshop held for journalists in Leh


LEH: The Department of Information and Public Relations, Leh organised a capacity-building workshop for the journalists at the Bharat Hotel on April 18.

The program was divided into three sessions. The first session covered topics such as writing for the media, convergence tactics, the role of social media and digital PR.

The second session focused on the role of media in ensuring free and transparent elections. The third session discussed emerging trends in cybercrime.

During the first session, the guest speaker and veteran journalist Soumitra Bose highlighted the Ladakh media and praised them for their strong intent and willingness to improve their expertise.

He also shared his perspective on the difference between working for the department and working for newspapers or social media. He noted that they require different skills and approaches.

The speaker emphasized the significance of media convergence and the role of social media in amplifying the message. He also touched upon the importance of digital PR and how it can be effectively implemented through convergence tactics.

The speaker highlighted that the primary objective of creating a story should be to gain more coverage and visibility among a wider audience.

In the second session, Assistant Director of the Information Department Leh, Dr Tundup Namgyal emphasized the importance of adhering to the Media Certification & Monitoring Committee guidelines during MCC.

He also emphasised on pre-certification of political advertisements and the need to differentiate between paid news and actual news to ensure a fair and transparent election process.

In the third session, Sub Inspector Mohd Ali shed light on the prevalence of cybercrime in Leh and discussed their countermeasures. He emphasized that the main objective is to educate the general public, students, Army/Paramilitary and state police about the use of technology and internet media.

The program concluded with Assistant Information Officer (AIO) Rinchen Dolma expressing her heartfelt gratitude to everyone for their participation.

The program was attended by private media persons, information department staff and the students of EJM College.

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