Wednesday, December 6
Burglars strike baroo Village: Three homes robbed, valuables stolen

Burglars strike Baroo village: Three homes robbed, valuables stolen


Baroo: A string of burglaries rattled the peaceful Baroo village last night as thieves targeted three houses, resulting in the loss of jewelry, essential documents, mobile phones, and other valuables, according to the victims.

The criminals broke into two residences, one located in the Dumbuthang area and another in Nyaqto, Baroo. Quick-witted residents thwarted a break-in attempt at a third house, chasing the thieves who managed to escape.

At the first two houses, the thieves made away with two safe boxes. One of the boxes was discovered nearby with its lock broken, but the whereabouts of the second box remain unknown.

Tragically, one of the houses had recently celebrated a marriage, and the stolen jewelry was kept inside the missing safe box. In the second house, occupants reported missing jewelry, crucial documents, a mobile phone, and other precious items.

The Kargil Police is actively investigating the incident and diligently working to apprehend the culprits involved. (VoL)

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