Monday, March 27

Bhikkhu Sanghasena conferred with “World Spirituality Promotion Award 2023”


Leh:Bhikkhu Sanghasena was invited as the chief guest for the World Spiritual Parliament, Spiritual and Value Education Summit 2023, held at India International centre, New Delhi.

At the summit, Bhikkhu Sanghasena shared his thoughts and insights on the importance of imparting spiritual teachings along with general education to the younger generation. He emphasised that the youth of today is the biggest power of our country, and their potential can be harnessed through proper spiritual guidance and valued based education. Without being guided by spiritual values, this great power can go in the wrong direction and can be used for destructive purposes. He further said repeat advancement in science and technology such as 3G, 4G, 5G etc without Guru (G) can turn into Bhasmasura Dance-self destruction!

Bhikkhu Sanghasena also released a book titled “Spiritual Emergency and crises” authored by Dr. Priyaranjan Trivedi, the founder chancellor of the Indra Gandhi Technological and Medical Sciences University. The book offers invaluable insights and solutions to the spiritual crises that we may face at any point in our lives. He appealed to all particularly all those who are involved in education sectors to rectify the current job and information oriented education system. He shared Mahabodhi concept of education which aims at reforming the existing job oriented educational system in such a way that the students grow Physically strong, mentally brilliant, emotionally equanimous, culturally rich, morally lofty, spiritually enlightening, socially active, religiously harmonious, materially prosperous, Globally friendly, Environmentally conscious and psychologically peaceful.

We are happy to share that the organizers of the Spiritual and Value Education Summit conferred the prestigious “World Spirituality Promotion Award 2023” to Ven. Bhikkhu Sanghasena for his outstanding contribution in promoting Spirituality for world peace. This award is a testament to Bhikkhu Sanghasena’s tireless efforts in promoting spiritually guided education.

Bhikkhu Sanghasena offered his prayers for the long life, good health, and prosperity of Dr. Priya Ranjan Trivedi on the occasion of his 73rd Birthday. Bhikkhu Sanghasena applauded the outstanding contribution of renowned environmentalist and educationist Dr. Priya Ranjan Trivedi in the fields of education, ecology, environment, world peace etc. Dr. P R Trivedi is author of more than 70 books on various subjects.

Dr.PR Trivedi and Bhikkhu Sanghasena has been close friends and have worked together in various fields such world peace, education and environments etc.

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