Monday, June 5
Baroo villagers concerned over surge in stray dog population

Baroo villagers concerned over surge in stray dog population


Baroo: Residents of Baroo village in Kargil district raised concerns over the rapid surge of stray dog population in the vicinity.

Dozens of villagers assembled on Wednesday and stated that stray dogs have been damaging to crops and instilling fear in children.

One of the villagers said that hasty increasing stray dogs in the area not only pose threat to elders who could defend themselves, but also to elderly and children forcing them leave home in groups.

Even we have to accompany children to schools, besides making difficult for them to visit field for irrigation purposes and fetching grass for their livestock.

Regarding the preventive initiatives taken by the administration, the villagers expressed their plight by saying that no measure so far has been taken by the authorities to address the issue.

They further appealed the district administration to take immediate action to avoid any unfortunate incidents since witnessed in the past; in a heart wrenching stray dog incident wherein an elderly woman was mulled to death.

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