Monday, September 25
Ayushman Bhavah Mela held at various Health, Wellness Center in Sankoo

Ayushman Bhavah Mela held at various Health, Wellness Centers in Sankoo


SANKOO: As in parts of India, Nation Wide Ayushman Bhavah weekly Health Mela has been organised on Monday at various Health and wellness Center at Sankoo including H&WC NTPHC Taiket, H&WC Karchey-Khar, H&WC Thasgam, H&WC Barsoo and H&WC Sarchey.

This initiative is part of the Ayushman Bhavah Campaign, which aims to provide accessible healthcare services to remote and underserved communities.

Stall have been erected to provide Health services to the local residents such as Tele Consultation,NCD Screening, Generation of ABHA (Health IDs), Golden Card and healthcare services were kept available for the general public for their benefits.

During the course of Health Mela an awareness education were also organised where the Concerned Incharge of Health &Wellness Centers and CHO’s educated to the participants regarding Tuberculosis and others communicable diseases.

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