Friday, December 8
Army organises Vertinary, Medical camp in Kargil

Army organises Vertinary, Medical camp in Kargil


KARGIL: In Ladakh, To commemorate the 75th Anniversary of Yom-e-Fateh, Liberation of Kargil in Nov 1948, Forever in Operations organised a medical & veterinary camp for the remote border village of Hunderman in Kargil.

The camp saw a great response from the local populace during which Doctors of Army Hospital Kargil and Doctors from Vertibary Department Kargil attended the patients.

While talking to media Haji Fida Hussain from Hunderman thanked Indian Army for organising such camps at their doorstep for the benefit of Human as well as Cattle.

Mohd Ibrahim a Youth said that in his childhood such camp was organised by Army in the village and this is second time it’s happening in his village which is of great benefit for the poor families who cannot afford travelling 3 to 4 km for treatment of thei cattles and Themselves.

Dr Fida Hussain Vertenary Surgeon requested Indian Army to help poor farmers with feed, medicine and such camps which benefits them a lot as they are doing in Changthang Area.

He said that most of the cases are of deficiencies which happens due to kon availability of green fodder during the 6 months of winter, and such camps help to redress these issues.

The village which was part of Pakistan till Dec 1971, continued in India willingly after the area was captured by Indian Army.

Around 100 villagers and their livestock were administered medical aid. The village was earlier called Hundermo which was captured by Major Mann and later the villagers changed the Name of Village to Hunderman from Hundermo impressed by the gesture of Major Mann and his men. The main Celebration of Youm e Fateh will be on 23rd November in a Grand Scale.

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