Monday, October 2
Admn focuses on STPs, improving sanitation, environmental conditions in Leh

Admn focuses on STPs, improving sanitation, environmental conditions in Leh


Leh: In a significant sustainable development aimed at addressing vital infrastructure needs, the Principal Secretary of the Union Territory of Ladakh, Sanjeev Khirwar, took charge by convening a high-level meeting at the Civil Secretariat in Leh Wednesday.

The meeting focused on the critical subject of Sewerage Treatment Plants (STPs) and their crucial role in improving sanitation and environmental conditions in the region.

At the outset of the meeting, the consultant agency Yash Innovative Solutions left an indelible mark by delivering a comprehensive and detailed presentation on the state-of-the-art sewerage treatment plant in Leh. The meeting, attended by key stakeholders and experts in the field, served as a pivotal moment in shedding light on the groundbreaking advancements in sewage management.

The Principal Secretary emphasized the UT Ladakh administration’s commitment to environmental sustainability, detailing how the treatment plant operates in an eco-friendly manner. He highlighted the plant’s increased capacity to handle sewage, demonstrating its ability to accommodate growing urban populations while maintaining high-quality treatment standards.

Sanjeev Khirwar emphasized that sewerage treatment plants should not only treat sewage effectively but also meet stringent environmental standards. He underscored the importance of involving local communities in the planning and execution of sewage treatment projects.

Discussions and deliberations revolved around the ambitious plans for the expansion and establishment of new Sewerage Treatment Plants in Ladakh. The objective is to meet the growing demands of urbanization while preserving the pristine environment of the region. STPs are expected to significantly enhance sanitation and environmental conditions across the UT.

The meeting was held with the attendance of the Director of the Housing & Urban Development Department (H&UDD), UT Ladakh; key officials and officers from UT Administration, and the consultant agency.

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