Wednesday, December 6
Accelerating Change: World Toilet Day observed in Leh

Accelerating Change: World Toilet Day observed in Leh


LEH: Collaborating seamlessly, a consortium of Civil Society Organizations, the Chief Education Officer (CEO) Leh, the Municipal Committee, and the Rural Development Department, Leh, united to commemorate World Toilet Day with the overarching theme “Accelerating Change.”

This collective endeavor provided a unique platform for these diverse organizations to synergize efforts toward enhancing sanitation, fostering awareness, and influencing policies and programs in the Leh region.

The World Toilet Day celebrations were strategically directed towards addressing the pressing need for improved sanitation facilities in Leh. The event served as a pivotal opportunity for organizations to converge, exchange resources and expertise, and collectively tackle the critical issues surrounding sanitation and hygiene.

With a shared commitment to raising awareness and taking tangible actions, these organizations pledged to expedite transformative changes in the realm of sanitation and hygiene.

To engage and inspire the community, an Inter-School Painting cum Slogan Competition on the theme “My Dream Toilet” and an Inter-School Skit Competition on the theme “Sustainable Toilets” were organized. Students from various schools enthusiastically participated, showcasing their creativity and commitment.

The winners of both competitions were duly recognized with cash prizes and certificates of excellence, emphasizing the value placed on their contributions. The event boasted distinguished attendees, including Adv. Tashi Gyalson, the Chairman & Chief Executive Councillor, LAHDC Leh, as the Chief Guest, and Tsering Angchuk, Deputy Chairman, along with several dignitaries from governmental and non-governmental organizations.

Special acknowledgment was extended to the sanitation workers from MC Leh, who were honored as Guests of Honor for their essential role in ensuring a safe and clean Ladakh.

Elevating the discourse, insightful lectures on “Sanitation and Public Health” by Stanzin Rabgais, Executive Officer, Municipal Committee, Leh, and “Community-Led Sanitation Initiatives” by Ama Tsering Chondol, President, Women Alliance of Ladakh, were delivered. A presentation on Hygiene and sanitation by the Ladakh Arts and Media organizations further enriched the knowledge-sharing aspect of the event.

Highlighting the significance of hygiene, especially during peak tourist seasons, the Deputy Chairman emphasized the need for collective responsibility. Adv. Tashi Gyalson expressed his joy over the celebrations and assured government support for such initiatives.

The Principal of Lamdon Model Senior Secondary School, Leh, shared insights into the collaborative genesis of the event. The enthusiastic participation of students from Lamdon Model Senior Secondary School and numerous other government and private schools, along with members of the Women Alliance, Tour and Travel Agencies, Transport Associations, and the Municipal Committee Leh, added vibrancy to the event.

A collective memorandum was presented to the Chairman, Adv. Tashi Gyalson, outlining actionable steps for the council and the government’s consideration. The active involvement of various schools, civil societies, commercial organizations, and government bodies not only facilitated the achievement of collective goals but also served as a testament to everyone’s unwavering commitment to social responsibility.

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