Tuesday, May 28
Academic Excellence in Focus: DIET Kargil’s inspection at PM Shri Govt Middle School Doks Chutumail

Academic Excellence in Focus: DIET Kargil’s inspection at PM Shri Govt Middle School Doks Chutumail


Kargil: In a comprehensive academic review conducted today, an esteemed team of Heads of Departments and Lecturers from the District Institute of Education and Training (DIET) Kargil, led by Sayeeda Banoo, Head of the Department, visited PM Shri Govt Middle School Doks Chutumail on Tuesday.

The inspection team, including Khurshid Banoo HOD, Kacho Nissar Ali Lecture, and Punchog Stanzin Lecture, meticulously evaluated the educational standards from Nursery to 8th class.

They engaged in meaningful interactions with each student, affirming the school’s commitment to individual attention and holistic development.

Key areas of focus during the visit included: Classroom Dynamics, Observing the vibrant learning atmosphere in every classroom. Academic Rigor, Checking student notebooks, attendance, and punctuality.

Skill Development, Assessing reading, writing skills, and conceptual understanding. Organizational Tools, Reviewing student and teacher diaries, Teaching-Learning Materials (TLMs), and the academic calendar. Health and Wellness, Evaluating the implementation of the PM Poshan program and wellness initiatives. Infrastructure: Inspecting the ICT Lab, Library, and the upkeep of the school premises.

The team also delved into the school’s administrative aspects, examining the counter-checking of notebooks, teacher training programs, and the resolution of academic challenges.

A highlight of the visit was the inspection of student-led projects and models, showcasing the creativity and ingenuity fostered within the school’s culture. The presentations delivered by students on their respective projects were met with keen interest and appreciation from the team.

After a thorough 2-hour and 20-minute inspection, the team expressed their satisfaction with the school’s performance. They commended the hard work and dedication of both teachers and students, noting the confidence exuded by the pupils and the immaculate condition of the school facilities.

The team was particularly impressed by the active engagement of students in all school activities and the conducive teaching-learning environment. They encouraged the students to continue striving for excellence and to pursue their goals within such a nurturing setting.

Special recognition was given to the school staff, especially the Headmaster, Mohd Hussain, for his dynamic leadership and effective administrative oversight. Concluding the visit at 4:00 pm, the inspection team departed with smiles and a sense of fulfillment, confident in the school’s direction and the promising future of its students.

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