Monday, March 27

Leh Police cracks KVS Recruitment online exam scam; 1 among six accused arrested


Leh: District Police Tuesday uncovered the KVS Recruitment online exam cheating scam in Leh, 1 person was arrested while other accused persons were also identified.

As per the Leh Police Statement issued Tuesday; on 21th Feb 2023, PP Housing colony received a complaint from Pradeep Kumar who was discharging his duties as an observer for the KVS recruitment exam 2022 (recruitment for the KV Teachers).

He mentioned in his complaint that while the exam was being conducted In Gcom computer center, the site supervisor Adnan Ansari, R/o Bihar was caught clicking pictures of the computer in which questions were visible.

The complainant suspected some foul play with the apprehension that the fairness of the examination may have been compromised. Accordingly, he informed PP housing colony and a preliminary enquiry was conducted. During the preliminary enquiry it was found that Adnan worked as site supervisor of Aptech Company which has been hired by CBSE to conduct the said examination and it was his duty to conduct the examination in Leh from 9th Feb to 9th March 2023.

He clicked the photos and sent the same to Diwakar Singh R/o Delhi, who works as a staff for Lamdon online assessment center situated in Leh.


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