Sunday, February 25
DDMA Kargil organizes mini mock drill at Kharbu, Drass

DDMA Kargil organizes mini mock drill at Kharbu, Drass


Kargil: DDMA Kargil in collaboration with Indian Army, Health, Revenue, Mechanical, I&FC, UT-DRF, Fire and Emergency Services and other departments, conducted a disaster preparation cum mini mock drill exercise at village Kharbu in Drass subdivision on Monday.

The other stakeholders who participated in the training included Bashij Imam IKMT and Aapda Mitra.
The exercise was aimed to enhance disaster readiness in the district.

The session focused on equipping participants with essential skills and knowledge for disaster preparedness.

The Army conducted a mock drill on avalanches while UT-DRF showcased CPR techniques, in efforts to enhance the community’s resilience against potential disasters.

On the occasion, BMO Drass also briefed about the CPR, emphasizing its importance during disasters. The event aimed to enhance disaster response capabilities.

Concluding the session SDM Drass presented vote of thanks on behalf of DDMA Kargil to all stakeholders and participants.

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