Friday, December 8

Ancient stone sculptures, idols discovered in J&K’s Doda


Jammu: In a noteworthy development, ancient water source along with some stone sculptures and idols have been found at village Siwli of Bhallesa in Doda district.
Siwli is a small village in Bhallesa, situated at a distance of 70 kms from the district headquarter Doda where these ancient sculptures and structures have been discovered.
Reports said that a few days back, villagers were digging to make basement for a memorial when these structures and sculptures were found, While digging around 10 feet deep, they found 11 stone water pipes, two small ponds, one idol and some ancient stone sculptures.
The stone sculptures depict the characters of Mahabharta. The small ponds are made up of stone plates which are curved. All these materials found there seem to be hundreds of years old and need survey by ASI (Archeology Survey of India).
Following the development, people from adjoining areas are visiting Siwali for having a glimpse of the discovered sculptures and other structures. They have demanded excavation in the area under supervision of ASI for discovery of more such heritage items.
Pertinent to mention that Bhalessa terrain is surrounded by ancient Hindu place like Mehel Nag Temple Dhosa, Durga Mata Cave in Khaljugasar, Mehlwaar temple and Kalgoni Temple, etc.

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