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Meet Fatima Bano, First Female Carpenter of Ladakh

Meet Fatima Bano, First Female Carpenter of Ladakh


KARGIL: Women from time to time have been fought stereotypes to live their dream, some for aim and interest, and some for bread and butter. Each time the story is different and more interesting when it comes to women fighting fringes in a society.

In Kargil district of the cold desert Ladakh, a mother of five children; Fatima Bano took on this profession ‘Carpentry’ some 27 years ago and has been mastering the art since two decades.


Despite carpentry being a male-dominated profession, Fatima started this profession from providing a helping hand to her husband. The couple runs small carpentry business.

Fatima Bano in Kargil is famous by the name ‘Aunty with a Hammer’. Living with a family of six including, she says that her family has been her backbone.

Fatima said that her family always supported her in this decision and that is the reason behind working for so long.
“My husband needed helping hand in the business, and I instantly decided to take carpentry as full time profession,” Fatima said, adding, “I have been facing odds from time to time, but that doesn’t bother me as there is no shame in doing what you love unless it is illegal.”

Apart from full time carpentry, Fatima is well to do in embroidery and knitting as well. You need to be a role model for others and encourage them, she said.

In carpentry, Fatima has the ability to make all types of furniture, besides mastering wood carving and polishing.

Like she has been helping her husband, Fatima’s children help her too after their school. Despite taunts from the people, we are doing well and working with dignity while ignoring them.

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