Tuesday, May 21
Kargil Police bid farewell to outgoing SSP Aanayat Ali

Kargil Police bid farewell to outgoing SSP Aanayat Ali


Kargil: District Police, Kargil organised a farewell ceremony to bid farewell to Aanayat Ali Choudhary-IPS, ex-SSP Kargil at District Police Lines, Kargil marking the end of an era of exceptional service and dedication to the community.

The event was graced by the presence of distinguished guests and representatives from various sectors including Executive Councillor Kacho Feroze, Executive Councillor Zakir Hussain, Srikant Suse-IAS, Deputy Commissioner Kargil, Brigade Commander of 121 Brigade, Chief Engineer Vijayak as well as esteemed officers from Ladakh Police underscoring the profound impact of SSP Choudhary’s tenure on Kargil district.

The farewell ceremony featured heartfelt tributes and commendations from colleagues, dignitaries and members of the community, each highlighting the significant contributions Aanayat Ali Choudhary has made to Kargil.

His leadership has not only enhanced the operational capabilities of Ladakh Police but also strengthened the bonds between police and Kargil community.

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