Tuesday, May 28
Expenditure Observer inspect Expenditure Register of LS contesting candidates

Expenditure Observer inspects Expenditure Register of LS contesting candidates


Leh: Expenditure Observer for 01-Ladakh Parliamentary Constituency, Gajendra Singh conducted the first inspection meeting of Expenditure Register of contesting candidates in the Video Conference Room, DC hall on May 8.

Expenditure Observer verified the register of the candidates and clarified the agents about the correct procedure for making entry in the register. He also stressed the need to make entries in the register on a daily basis.

Additionally, he emphasized the necessity of maintaining supporting vouchers for each expenditure item by agents.

Furthermore, the accounting team received instructions to prevent duplicate entries of vehicles in the shadow register.

The Expenditure Observer has encouraged candidates to reach out to him or the accounting team should they encounter any difficulties in managing their accounts.

The meeting was attended by expenditure agents of the candidate, Assistant Expenditure Observer Leh/Kargil, Nodal officer expenditure, Head Accounting team and other officials of accounting team Leh.

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